Who We Are

My Fathers Mission is an affiliate project of World Health Services. Both organizations are primarily focused on conducting Medical Mission trips. As a Christian based organization, we attempt to show Christ’s love and character by meeting basic healthcare, life-essential, and educational needs of the underserved communities in Africa and South America.

People in the communities where we work do not have access to health care services. In some cases the healthcare infrastructure does not exist. In others these services are beyond the financial reach of most residents.

How We Work

Following the example of our founder, Richard W. Bendall, My Fathers Mission is striving to make a positive impact by improving the quality of life in communities we serve. Changes are achieved by providing healthcare services and sponsoring education of young people. We believe that touching lives by restoring dignity and alleviating suffering can change the future for an individual, a community, and ultimately a country.

Our number one priority is to help with basic needs including medical, water, and sanitation to relieve the immediate need. Our secondary goal is to help people get an education.  Education goes hand in hand with the ability to rise out of poverty in these regions and improve life. MyFathersMission and World Health Services work closely with local people to accomplish these goals.

While our teams are primarily made up of medical professionals, there is always room for anyone with a passion to serve hurting people. We occasionally have construction projects and we need team players to help support the medical teams. Please contact us if you have any desire to serve with us.

Why We Need Your Help

This is a volunteer organization which operates solely on donations from people like you. As with most organizations like us, we are always in need of support for operating expenses.  We need to keep the lights on and the phone working. Also, funds are currently needed for projects in the village of Chome in the Pare Mountains of Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The major project is a Medical Clinic. The immediate goal is to have a facility which will serve as home base for teams traveling to area. This will not be a full hospital but a clinic to serve nearly 80,000 people on the mountain range without medical service. The nearest clinic is 6-8 hours away by bus. Not many can afford the bus ride. Long range goals are to have teams rotating in every few months and eventually have the clinic staffed full time.

We are also trying to drill two water wells there, one for the clinic and one for the local school we base our clinics out of. A regular supply of water will also help us with sanitation projects.

Currently Program in Tanzania

Medical and construction teams have been going to Chome, Tanzania for 8 years now. A very good relationship has been established with the local people and school there. While medical relief is provided on these yearly trips, it is only a “bandaid” on the long-term issues the community faces without access to healthcare. Diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, glaucoma and cataracts need long-term strategies that cannot be provided with a yearly visit.

Facts and Statistics

Each year we see the number of people served in our clinics growing.

These are statistics for an average trip to Tanzania.

Medical Clinic: 600-800 patients on average per trip

Dental Clinic: average of 250 patients / extract 500 teeth

Eyecare Clinic: give away average of 500 pairs of glasses

What we project for the future with a stand-alone purpose-built clinic in Tanzania.

The burden on a team visiting for the yearly clinic would be greatly reduced by having a continuously operating clinic. Crowds grow large for the yearly clinic. Our teams just pray they can see everyone in the short time we have. A clinic open systematically through the year would reduce the crowds. Minor issues would be dealt with regularly and ongoing problems such as diabetes could be managed. Now there is no one there to follow up with chronic issues.

The clinic would allow for visiting teams to travel out to smaller villages to visit people that cannot make it to the clinic. Many walk for 7-8 hours now to attend the clinics we provide once a year.

Medical With Clinic: A facility is needed for minor procedures and emergencies. They use a large school building that the organization built. A facility with proper exam tables and other equipment would help greatly. Clinic would also be location to teach health classes to improve the whole spectrum of health issues including diet, sanitation, oral hygiene, and childbirth. Exercise is not a real issue. Everyone walks long distance and does lots of manual labor.

Dental With Clinic: The longer range goal is to provide regular dental care rather than going yearly and extracting teeth to provide pain relief. The goal is prevention and repair rather than extraction. Clinic would provide a place to do fillings.

Eyecare With Clinic: Cataracts are becoming an issue in this location. People on the mountain live a little longer than those on the plain. Living conditions with smoke from cooking fires indoors and high altitude sunlight contribute to eye issues. Proper equipment and a facility would allow physicians to improve vision for many of these people.

Other Projects / Needs in Chome, Tanzania

Two Water Wells: One for Clinic and One for School

Educational Scholarships: Goal of $30,000 per year ($500/student for one year includes room and board — most students stay all year round because they can’t afford travel home). Education is key to get out of poverty.

Background Information

The organization was started by Dr. Richard Bendall as World Health Services. Dr. Bendall passed away in August of 2011. Now most projects and services will be working under the name MyFathersMission. World Health Services will still be the non-profit umbrella for the different operations. World Health Services is registered as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization in the United States with 10 years of operation.

Contact Information

Phone: 817-933-2028

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