Arrival in Chome

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We arrived in Chome Tanzania Africa on the 30th of January. It was a 23 hour trip, but we made it. When i first arrived in the village there were many people waiting for us. We unpacked and then I hung out with the kids in the village, they were all very nice.

The next day I hung out and got to know the kids better. We played Frisbee and ran around together.

On the 1st of February we went to church, and then ate lunch. The food is always so good, Ms. Orpa, the cook, makes delicious food. We then went on a hike and got an amazing view of the Rift Valley. After that we went down the mountain and had another service. I got a Tanzania football (soccer) jersey as  gift from Mr. Cleveland’s kids.

Finally today I  received a chicken as a present from the Lutheran Church here in Chome. When I got back from the Lutheran Church I played football (soccer) with the kids. They set up the clinics today. There is an eye clinic, dental clinic, and medical clinic. I helped out in the eye clinic for a short time.

And thats what I’ve done so far in Africa.

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