“Chome Challenge” Matches Funds for Scholarships

by / Monday, 06 January 2014 / Published in Educational Scholarship Funding, TANZANIA, Africa
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It is a New Year. How exciting. Here is a great opportunity for us all to start off the year by giving the gift of education to worthy students in Tanzania.

And even better, whatever you give will be matched up to a total raised of $10,000 by two doctors that go on our medical trips there each year. So if you ever wanted to give but thought your gift was not big enough to make a difference, now your gift goes twice as far. Any size gift is always worth while. Pooled with other people’s gifts it makes a difference in a person’s life. Education lasts a lifetime and is a precious gift in Tanzania.

If you considered making a larger gift of one $500 Scholarship  then there is no better time to do that than right now.This matching challenge only lasts until we leave on our medical mission to Tanzania on January 29, 2014. Please take advantage of it right away.

Here is what Dr. Vernon Yamashiro posted on his Facebook page about the challenge:

“We will be making our 5th trip to Chome in Tanzania at the end of January. We are part of a team that does medical, dental and eye work and feel a burden for the people there. We work out of a high school that boards about 500 kids most of whom have 1 or no parent and come from extreme poverty. Our medical work pales in comparison to the need these kids have too become educated. It cost $500-600 per year for room, board, and tuition. This allows them to get jobs and many go on to college and become leaders in their communities and country.

We have sponsored students and know when we go back many will come to us for support or have to leave school. Please consider this! Cathey and I will match whatever is given between now and when we leave January 29th up to $10,000. Send your tax deductible contributions to World Health Services, PO Box 186, Keene, TX 76059 and mark it “Chome Challenge” so they will know what to hit us up for. Happy New Year and Thanks!”

You can send a check as Dr. Yamashiro mentioned or you can donate online right on the website. Be sure to click the box to designate to a specific fund and select Chome Challenge. That way we are sure to get the matching funds.

Any gift is welcome. My Fathers Mission is a non-profit organization. You will receive a receipt for your donation. Thank you so much.

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