Chome Water Project Nears Completion

by / Thursday, 13 February 2014 / Published in Water Well for Chome Secondary School
There were many happy faces in Chome at the sight of water pipes arriving by truck.

The Road To Chome undid our plans for a Borehole.

We started a water project in Tanzania a while back to bring water to the village of Chome and the Secondary school there. Originally the plan was to drill a borehole (well). After a bit of work on that project we thought it was about to be completed. We had a price and a donor and were ready to go. Turns out the drilling rig could not make it up the mountain to the 6,000 ft. elevation. The road to Chome is too rough and narrow and the turns are too tight.

On to Plan B. Big Day When the Pipes Arrived.

There is a spring at the top of the mountain that flows always. The new plan is to now pipe the water down to the school. My Father’s Mission is overseeing the project with the help  of our good friend in Chome, Cleveland Kisaka and a water committee made up of village elders. A huge Thank You goes to Ed Padon for financial support for this project. Pipe is being laid over 5100 meters (16,732ft. or just over 3 miles)  distance into a trench being dug by the village. They said if we would buy the pipe, they would dig the ditch for their part of the project. They had no money to offer but they wanted to provide the labor free of charge so they would have some stake in the project.

The overflow will go on to a government primary school and then overflow out to the village. Students are currently walking long distance with buckets to get water to bath, wash themselves and clothes, and drink. Students from the primary school are missing classes to haul water for the daily needs at the school. This will be a great blessing. It has taken some time but things don’t happen quickly there sometimes. Starting the project over really added some time but finally we are about finished.

The first truckload of pipes arrived at the Chome Secondary School during our Medical Mission there the first of February. The pipes were trucked to the top of the mountain and unloaded. The villagers are digging the trench and laying the pipe. Will post photos when the project is complete. The photos in this blog show the road, the water source, the pipes and the trenching.

Thanks to everyone involved.


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