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The World Health Services Inc., in cooperation with like-minded health professionals throughout the world, seeks to enhance the quality of life, lower the heavy financial burden imposed by illness and reduce the number of days lost from work through illness among the medically undeserved through its diversified array of preventative health education programs.

Christian medical professionals of various specialties volunteer their time to assist local medical personnel in the creation and presentation of effective preventive health education programs on important health topics tailored to local needs, including the prevention of eye diseases, heart diseases, cancers and other diseases that can be prevented through life style modification.

The reach of World Health Services, Inc. is worldwide to any area where concerned local organizations recognize public health problems and desire assistance in the presentation of effective preventative health education programming.
World Health Services, Inc. include health screening of local populations, live public lecturing and mass media presentations.



The beginning of World Health Services, Inc. actually sprouted from the seed of a high school graduation motto “to really live is to humbly serve and to humbly serve is to really live.” Dr. Richard Bendall submitted this motto for his high school graduation and it was accepted as their creed for that year. After living a life expressing this motto, in retirement it found its full blossom. He has a special talent for finding needs and finding ways to supply the means to satisfy those needs in service in many different continents to many different people.

World Health Services, Inc. is committed to continuing these efforts and involving as many like-minded people as possible in their pursuit of their accomplishment. World Health Services was formally formed on February 1, 2002 and organized into a group effort and officers were chosen. The beginning involved health screening including blood tests for cholesterol and blood sugar, blood pressure evaluation and body mass index, and medical lectures designed to encourage people to improve their health and life and energy level through following natural lifestyle habits that promote life rather than destroy it. From there it has changed into providing assistance with feeding underprivileged children to helping with school dormitories and cafeterias, as well as purchasing land to grow food and provide work for students. It has matured into a ministry that involves all aspects of human life. To have life and to have it more abundantly is the goal, and to encourage others in the pursuit of that.

World Health Services, Inc. is a volunteer not-for-profit organization where only 2% of donations are used for operational costs. It is a wonderful organization for those looking for a place to serve others and see lives changed. The Organization depends on those types of individuals for its existence. If you are reading this history, it may be that you will hear the Spirit’s voice calling you to come and follow in the footsteps of the ultimate humanitarian, Jesus Christ, who came to humbly serve. We welcome any assistance that you are inspired to give, whether it be monetary or practical, and look forward to what the future of World Health Services, Inc. can accomplish in today’s world.

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P.O. Box 186

Keene, TX   76059




Doug Bendall / President

Barbie Simons / Vice President

Debra L Verrill / Vice President

Joe Wayner, Jr. / Vice President Operations

Steve F. Perry, CPA / Treasurer/Secretary

Dr. Richard W. Bendall – Founder