Chome Challenge for Education Scholarships is ON AGAIN!

Give the Gift of Education.

For the past few years My Father’s Mission has been issued a challenge by two doctors that go with us to Tanzania every year on our medical mission. They have challenged us to raise $10,000 and are willing to match our efforts dollar for dollar up to $10,000.


Education is the way out of poverty DonateNowfor so many in Africa so we are asking that you please help us meet this challenge. If you already decided to donate please accept our Thanks on behalf  of the students and click the Donate Now button here or at the bottom of the page.

For more information on the Challenge and the Scholarships just keep reading.

My Father’s Mission supports many students in Tanzania. The best gift they could receive this year is a chance to continue their education allowing them to escape the poverty that so many are trapped in.

Christmas is just around the corner and what better gift than the giving education to a child. Education is the way out for so many. There is still time for a year-end tax-deductible gift. And if you have given all you can this year, please think about donating in January. It can be a great way to start off your year. We are taking gifts toward the challenge up until January 22, the day we leave on our medical mission to Chome for 2015.

Last year we exceeded the challenge thanks to you. The additional $10,000 in challenge funds were added to our goal allowing the students to finish another level of schooling. The bad news, there are always more students asking for help than this project will allow us to sponsor.

Government SchoolMany of our African friends still live in mud brick huts with dirt floors and thatch roofs just as they have done for generations. Many of the students attending schools find the same conditions. The “toilet” is down the path. Much precious time is spent fetching water from the spring over the hill. Wood has to be gathered for the cooking fire. If medical treatment is required it is a few hours away by bus if you have the money for the bus fare. You better hope it isn’t an emergency. But they are always smiling. Always so friendly. Always singing.

Dr. Richard Bendall, worked so diligently to try to make a difference in Chome, Tanzania. Life in the village where MFM goes every year is the same as it was for Dr. Bendall growing up. No running water or inside toilet. Hand-me-downs. Chopping firewood for heat and cooking. For Dad, an orange was a wonderful Christmas present. An anonymous donor paid his tuition at boarding school one year allowing him to finish out the year. As a result, when he visited Chome he saw great similarity to his own life as a young man. Being and educator, his heart went out to the students and he began raising funds for many others over in Tanzania.

Education, while difficult to obtain, is precious in Tanzania. It allows young people to achieve freedom from poverty. Elementary education is provided by the government. However, students must provide a uniform and shoes for school. So many cannot afford these items and can not attend school. Students have to pay tuition to go to the secondary level. My Father’s Mission is supporting a number of these students. Every year the list of requests grows. Without your support we cannot support these students.

There is not room here to tell you the stories of these kids or what we see when we take our medical trips to Tanzania. Check out the middle of the main page of this website. There is a link to a video of three boys saying thank you for what you and others have already done through your gifts to My Father’s Mission. Each of them is now giving back in their own way.

Godwin has volunteered at an orphanage. He is an orphan himself. Godwin now has an excellent job with an agriculture company and has risen to a management role. He has given funding back to MFM to help another student.

Raphael is tutoring young students struggling in Math. Their test scores are rising rapidly. Raphael is now starting his second year at University. Last year he received an “A: average. Not bad for a kid that lived in a one room hut and wasn’t sure if he would get any education.

Godfrey has started his own NGO there in Tanzania. He is supporting young students with uniforms, school supplies and food. They all caught the vision and are trying to emulate what they have seen in Dr. Bendall.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy holiday to catch your breath and give the gift of education to a student in Tanzania. Even $25 is a major investment in these students that are so eager to learn. And they are intelligent. They just need a chance.

The experts are saying the African economy is set to take off. These kids will have a great advantage if they can get an education now and be ready to grab opportunities that will be coming their way. Without education, they are destined to continue the traditional subsistence farming and other labor jobs they now must do to just keep food on the table.

It is a lasting gift enabling people to rise out their current situation. They are able to earn their way rather than waiting for a handout over and over again.


A full Scholarship is $600. This sends a student to boarding school and provides tuition, a place to stay, and food for a student the entire year. There are also many students that don’t go away to school. They walk long distance daily to school. They also need support for supplies and uniforms and meals.

We understand if you can’t give an entire scholarship. Won’t you find someone to share it with you. Maybe a friend or relative. Or approach your club, school, or church group. Any size gift helps. Combined with other gifts it makes a difference. Please write out a check now while you are thinking about it. Give whatever you are impressed to give.

The picture I have painted may seem a little gloomy but it doesn’t have to be. Together, we can give HOPE for a brighter future — one life at a time.

Thank you for reaching outside your normal giving circle this year to touch one more life.  You can go through the rest of the Christmas Season knowing you have just started someone half way across the world on the road to a new life. Isn’t that what the season is all about? It feels good doesn’t it?

You can send your check or make a donation below. Your year-end gift is tax-deductible.

Thank you ahead of time for your generosity. Contact us if you have any questions.

817.487.3222 or or fill out the contact form here.

Doug Bendall, President

My Father’s Mission and World Health Services


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