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The Shamba Project. 

MFM is very excited to announce this new initiative. The Shamba (Swahili for Farm) is designed to be a sustainable project. 

The farm will provide food for Chome Secondary School in Northern Tanzania. A large portion of Food Purchase Budget can now be used for other needs. Also, the cash crops raised will provide funding for Worthy Student Scholarships.

We have been educating ourselves about non-profit “best practices” and realize we need to kickstart sustainable projects with the initial investment. The school cannot fund the startup but put in the man hours and re-invest profits to sustain and build the farm once running.

Some Basic Information: 

  • For the past 12 years MFM has based our Medical, Dental, and Vision clinics out of Chome Secondary School in Northern Tanzania.
  • MFM has partnered with the community there for several improvement projects
  • Education is critical for young people to improve themselves and their country.
  • Tuition, Room and Board for a year can equal almost a year’s income for a family.
  • We invited you to give to the MFM Scholarship Fund. And you responded with abundance.

The Shamba Project Defined

Small farms are a way of life. This is a larger scale farm. There are approximately 50 acres of land in the SHAMBA. A good Farm Manager is in place with a well designed plan for crops. He knows the produce markets.

Group checking the farm boundaries.

The exciting thing about the Manager is he is one of the first students MFM assisted in Chome. His name is Godwin. He has proven his management skills working for a large agricultural company for the past 4 years in sales and was tasked with setting up offices in other countries.  He knows the ag sector — the markets, the process of farming, fertilizers, and crops.

This land will provide the majority of food for the school freeing up funds for other use.  A large portion of the farm will produce cash crops to fund educational scholarships.

We understand the proceeds from these cash crops should be able to replace the funds MFM is currently providing.



  • Allow a quick start for the farm to get into high-
    production mode
  • Lay a good foundation for the farm.
  • Provide for school food needs
  • Replace the MFM funding for scholarships
  • Invest funds for start-up that the school cannot

IMMEDIATE GOAL: Raise $30,000

Your Gifts Will Support the Following:

  • Clearing the Land
  • Sourcing Water from River (well to follow if funds are available)
  • Building a house
    for the farm manager
  • Purchasing generator to provide electricity
  • PurchasingDonateNow a Farm Truck to transport supplies
  • Farmhouse for Manager’s family
  • Manager’s Salary for year

What Has Been Done So Far

  • Land Cleared of Trees and Bush
  • Tilling of soil
  • Planting set for January / new growing season

We sincerely hope you will support this Self-Sustaining venture and make it a success. Our goal is to give the farm a good foundation in turn allowing the school to become independent and have a strong future.

Past MFM annual fundraisers supported scholarships for worthy students. We are shifting gears this year. Our fundraising goal is higher — $30,000.

This is a leap of faith. Your support is needed more than ever for this start-up.

We are doubling up for one year while we start this new project. We also need
to continue support for our scholarships we committed to for the next year while the farm reaches full production. It would be hard to ask students to put their education on hold while the farm reaches capacity.

But, we feel it is so important to move to this new model of support. It will allow the local people to stand on their own, give them a feeling of self-worth, PLUS reduce our need to continually ask you to support the scholarships. Although, there is something about giving that makes our own lives better.

Raising as much funding as we can NOW  is critical to get this project started on a good foundation and in time for the new growing season.

To help MFM with strategic planning for the farm project, you can make a pledge for any future gifts which will allow us to be more efficient. 
Can’t support this project right now or wish to split up your giving for tax purposes?  — Consider making a pledge. It might make the difference to be able to make a larger gift that will get the project into a sustainable position.

Please Make a Tax Deductible Donation:

Mail a CHECK to: My Father’s Mission, PO Box 186, Keene, TX 76059                              CREDIT CARD payments accepted online.         

There is an option online to make repeating donations if you wish for as long or short a duration as you wish. 

NOTE: We prefer checks simply because a fee is charged for the online payments and this reduces your gift. But please give anyway that is best for you. 

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