Raphael’s Story — A Reason To Give

Raphael’s Story
Year End Fundraising

DonateNowThis time of year MFM is planning our annual medical mission to Tanzania. It is also the time we conduct our annual fundraising drive. Your heartfelt donations are the only source of funding for all of our projects. There is no government money or financial support from a church organization.

I wanted to relay to you a story about Raphael.  My sister Barbie and I were planning details of our upcoming trip, we were talking about how well he is doing at university. Raphael is a prime example of how just a little assistance makes a huge difference in a life. This is why we keep going on these trips, why we support students and why we keep asking you to support these projects. Here is Barbie’s recollection of Raphael’s story:


Raphael was orphaned at age 6. MFM helped him through high school and now he is getting high marks at University. He just needed an opportunity to thrive.

“Imagine growing up with your parents and a brother in a two room mud hut with a dirt floor, no glass in the windows and a fire inside for cooking your meals.  Even harder to imagine would be both of your parents die within a year and you are only 6 years old, left in that hut with your 9 year old brother.   How would you survive?  This is Raphael’s experience.

I was so touched by his devastating story as I thought of my own boys who are three years difference in age and how they would have survived without any parents.  It touched pretty close to home.  The grief over the loss of both parents coupled with the fear of how to survive would be paralyzing.  Raphael and his brother had no food.  They were lost and hopeless.  But in Chome, Tanzania you must keep plugging away each day to survive.  You have no choice.  CPS is not going to come and take you in or place you with another family.  Some of the villagers shared food with them or invited them for a meal occasionally.  But most days they would only eat one meal.

Raphael knew he had no future.  He was going to be struggling to survive each day.  Then one day when he was 13 years old he was walking home and met a man (Dr. Bendall) along the path carrying a heavy briefcase.   Raphael took the bag and carried it.  Despite their language barrier, the two began to talk and Dr. Bendall asked why Raphael was not in school.  Raphael explained that he was an orphan.

He had finished primary school, but did not have tuition money for secondary school (high school).  Many people in Tanzania do not go past primary school level.

The next day the headmaster of the high school sent a message to Raphael explaining his school fees had been paid and he should prepare to start school immediately.  Dr. Bendall’s tuition had been paid by an anonymous donor when he was in boarding school. Now he was doing the same for students every time the opportunity arose.

As he progressed through high school Raphael became a leader.  He felt the need to help others as he had been helped, so he began tutoring students in the village primary school.  Hopeless, orphaned and with no reason to live, Raphael suddenly had a  purpose.  He has worked hard at learning and today is at the university in his second year of studies making straight A’s.  All of this is because someone gave him a chance.  I am so proud to call Raphael my friend and my son in Tanzania.”

The story Barbie shared is similar to many in Tanzania – individuals with no hope.  I’ve seen it over and over again.  A better life is within reach for so many if just given a chance. Education is one of the best opportunities.  Would you be willing to help a young person thrive, not just survive?

I appreciate your support in the past and look forward to your partnership as we humbly serve where God leads us into 2016.


Doug Bendall, President


 Annual Fundraising Covers the following:

  • Scholarships goal of $20,000 – once again this year we have a matching challenge of $10,000 which means your gifts will be worth double the value.  Challenge expires December 31. We need to raise $10,000 to receive the challenge funds. The way out of poverty begins with a good education. High School and above requires money that most don’t have.
  • Water and Community Improvement Projects – It not enough to treat the medical issues. The root problems need to be addressed. Clean supplies of water are a basic need.
  • Medications / Dental Supplies / Glasses – for clinics we conduct both in Tanzania and in South America. MFM receives some donated supplies but some supplies must be purchased.
  • eReader Project – Kindles loaded with 100 books, both curriculum and casual reading in Swahili and English, are provided to schools to promote reading.  Some curriculum books and some casual reading. Most schools in Tanzania have very few books which are shared by many students. Becoming good readers improves learning.




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