Typhoon Relief Project

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My Fathers Mission: Typhoon Relief Project 

The devastation in the Phillipines from Typhoon Haiyan is terrible. The UN is reporting over 600,000 people displaced. My Fathers Mission has an opportunity to send a couple of water filtration systems, medical supplies, and a little food to help the survivors. Potable water is important right now. Speedy delivery is crucial.

The village our supplies will go to is outlying from the major population centers. There are about 5,000 people without water. We have a report of a number of babies and newborns there. These little ones can’t last long without aid. The adults won’t last much longer. It might take days for the major relief operations to reach these outlying areas.

One of our volunteer team members, Bill Whan, will ride along with the supplies. He has spearheaded this project and is good at getting things done. His contacts on the ground in the Phillipines are preparing transport and security. We will post any messages and photos he is able to send out.

Because speed is important, My Fathers Mission is stepping out in faith to support this project now rather than wait for donations to come in. We all hope you will be interested enough to donate any amount toward this project. As a small organization, we are not in the disaster relief business. We are agile and can react quickly but don’t have the any funding for this. All our money is designated to other projects and we need to replace those funds. But,  emergencies happen. It is not often that a small organization can have a part to play in the relief of a major disaster. Because we feel God opened a way for us to participate, how can we stand by and watch. God will provide for the other programs.

The filtration systems we are sending cost $1,500 each. There are medical supplies, food, and transportation costs. If you can donate one filtration device it will be great. But, like most, you can’t pay for the entire device so just do what you can. All of us pulling together can get the job done. My Dad used to tell me what his mom said: “many hands make light work”.

By using this page your donations are earmarked for the Typhoon Relief Project. That money will go to offset our costs of this project. This is a tax deductible contribution.

A big thank you personally for your help. And thank you from My Fathers Mission also.

Doug Bendall, President

My Fathers Mission

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